What to do:

Your tattooist will dress your fresh tattoo with either cling film or a paper dressing, which should stay on for a couple of hours before washing. Remove the dressing and gently wash the tattoo under warm running water and a trace of soap only.

Pat it dry gently with a clean towel or air dry before applying a light dose of Bepanthen cream. Thereafter, wash the tattoo twice a day and apply Bepanthen 3 times per day, with clean hands.

If the tattoo is likely to receive unwelcome dust at work or chafing from your clothes, you can recover the tattoo with fresh cling film, but remember to wash it thoroughly afterwards.

If you work outdoors, and if the weather is hot, a breathable, elasticated cotton tube grip bandage might well be what your arm or leg needs for a day or two. but wash it overnight.


What to avoid:

  • Do not allow the tattoo to soak in the bath or swimming pool for 2 weeks. A quick shower is fine, but any more will encourage scabbing and loss of colour.
  • Exposure to strong sun. This will fade your fresh tattoo like no other. Stay off the tanning bed, and use sunblock on holiday from now on.
  • Avoid any dirt or grease. If you work in construction, protect your tattoo from cement & brick dust like the plague. Similarly motor oil, kitchen grease etc.
  • Don't pick or scratch your tattoo when it flakes and itches, apply some Bepanthen and be patient.
  • Don't let the dog lick it, this is an old joke that tattooists tell idiots in the pub.
  • Infections are very, very rare, but drop in and show us if you are concerned.